The Supreme Court in NTRO vs Deepti has held that in view of the discharge of the respondent from service the terminal benefits that she is entitled to would be calculated on the basis of the last position held by her as a scientist,i.e.scientist G and that she would not be entitled to the terminal benefits of scientist H, since she was found to be unfit for the post.Since her probation as a scientist H in NTRO was cut short and not completed, she cannot be considered as holding the position of scientist H for the purpose of calculating her terminal benefits.


Sanjiv Narang Adv. is an Advocate on Record in the Supreme Court of India. His qualifications include an LLB from University of Delhi and a Masters degree in Personnel Management from Panjab University,Chandigarh.In his more than 3 decades of experience, he has practiced law at the District, High Court and Supreme Court levels.He also has more than a decade of experience in the field of Management. He is the author of two books namely Laws for Women in India and Innovation, Why What and How.