The Supreme Court acquitted the accused due to lack of motive and gaps in the chain of evidence.

In a murder case that took place in a village, the accused, Shatrughan, was acquitted due to lack of credible evidence. Witnesses could not confirm that they saw Shatrughan assaulting the deceased. Moreover, there was no clear motive presented by the prosecution for the crime. The medical evidence also did not support the prosecution’s case, as the weapon recovered did not match the injury on the deceased. The defense argued that the deceased may have fallen on a sharp object due to being heavily drunk. The court found the prosecution’s case weak and acquitted the accused of all charges. The verdict was delivered on July 20, 2023.

…decided by the Supreme Court of India on July 20, 23


Sanjiv Narang Adv. is an Advocate on Record in the Supreme Court of India. His qualifications include an LLB from University of Delhi and a Masters degree in Personnel Management from Panjab University,Chandigarh.In his more than 3 decades of experience, he has practiced law at the District, High Court and Supreme Court levels.He also has more than a decade of experience in the field of Management. He is the author of two books namely Laws for Women in India and Innovation, Why What and How.